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BrothersKeepers is always exploring new ways to make our retreats and events more awesome. We are
also serious about helping local businesses grow and thrive. We welcome sponsorship from companies
of all sizes.

Let Us Know How We Can Help You

  • Get your workforce excited about a donation-matching program

  • Gain access to our extensive network of business contacts

  • Have opportunities to co-sponsor events with respected brands

  • Be an exclusive sponsor for a highly targeted audience

  • Enjoy great publicity by associating with a phenomenal cause

  • Align charity selection with your corporate stewardship initiatives

The Sky Is the Limit

BrothersKeepers appreciates monetary donations to make these retreats happen and broaden our
impact. Our business sponsors are always coming up with other fresh, creative ways to give back as well.
Here are some of the ways your organization might lend a hand:

  • In-kind donations (supplies, food, beverages, sporting goods & outdoor gear, etc.)

  • Adaptive equipment and technology

  • Transportation, lodging, and other travel services

  • Facilities to host community events and veteran retreats
  • Volunteer hours donated by employees and sponsored by your company

  • Introductions to other high-level decision-makers in your business network

  • Advisory assistance and expertise to help us fulfill our mission

Thank You To Our Current Sponsors

If you have any questions about how BrothersKeepers operates (or are just excited to get involved) click the link below to contact our board of directors today. Thank you for helping our community show gratitude to those who serve.

Learn More Today!

“This is one badass group doing good.” – Christian Brumley, Supporter

BrothersKeepers is a 501(c)(3) non-profit. Membership and Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowable by law. We recommend you consult with a tax professional prior to taking any tax deductions.